Cummins motor


Excellent 3D renders, artist impressions or illustrations are the core of our business. We visualize your design to the smallest details. We can visualize practically every wish or demand, true to nature and at least as beautiful as reality.

Head Office Geelen

The head office of Geelen Counterflow in Haelen is the first fully wooden office in the Netherlands NUR-HOLZ. VR Venture visualized the plans to support decision-making on design and the arrangement of furniture.

Qurios Holiday Retreats

How do you make clear what kind of bungalow your customers are going to buy or what kind they are going to rent during the summer holiday if the bungalows haven’t been build yet? VR Venture visualized the Qurios bungalows in a variety of ways. Renders, animations for a movie, 3d single view and walk through VR presentations.

M+R interior architecture

The internationally operating design agency M+R interior architecture has been commissioned to design the interior of the business and VIP lounge at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. It was our job to make the visualizations of these beautiful designs.

Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow