3D animations allow you to show things that under normal circumstances cannot be filmed. You can easily show the mechanics of a certain part in full detail for training purposes. Take a look at our examples to experience the possibilities. You will be amazed.

SENS Retail

SENS designs and produces products to present and protect consumer electronics in stores. The goal of SENS is to make display protection as discrete, comfortable and flexible as possible. Check out our animation to see how SENS achieved their goals.

TU Delft

It is not available as a raw material, but it can be created using a 3D printer and existing biomaterials. We are talking about a hybrid meta-biomaterial that promotes bone growth. Researchers at TU Delft have developed a meta-implant that combines a conventional metabolic material with an auxetic metabolic material. VR Venture made the animation to explain it.

Geelen Counterflow

Geelen Counterflow is a worldwide market leader in the field of cooling and drying animal feed and food products with references in more than 100 countries. VR Venture manufactured renders and aminations of their high-quality product portfolio.

Feijen SP

Power cables, data cables, compressed air but also water pipes find their way effortlessly under the Lucky Floor van Feijen SP. No tools needed, nothing to adjust, the elements are simply pushed together and linked by the ingenious connector. VR Venture has made this technique insightful.